“Multi-instrumentalist, Qawwal and Veena virtuoso: Abi Sampa has become a focal point within contemporary sufi and fusion music. Her ability to mix different styles and command over both western and Indian Classical music has garnered her praise from all corners of the music industry.

Abi was born in North-West London to SriLankan Tamil refugees who had fled the civil war and unrest in their home country. Reflecting the multicultural nature of the city she grew up in, Abi went on to explore and absorb a myriad of different musical styles and genres, all of which ended up forming the building blocks of her unique vocal and instrumental style.

Abi is also the lead vocalist of the Orchestral Qawwali Project. Together with composer and arranger, Rushil, the duo have stunned audiences and critics across continents with their blend of western and eastern classical music.

A pioneer across genres, Abi’s incredible vocal prowess and style are emblematic of a truly new and global interpretation of qawwali and Indian Classical Music.”


“Rushil is a multi-disciplinary and genre-defying artist and composer based in London. His work across contemporary, sufi and classical music has earned him a reputation as one of the most distinctive and exciting musical voices around today.

As a classical crossover composer, Rushil has written for and had his work performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Manchester Camerata, AR Rahman’s Firdaus Orchestra, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and many other acclaimed classical artists from both the east and the west. He has also featured as an artist and writer on Nitin Sawhney’s latest album, Immigrants.

As a composer for film and TV, Rushil has already built up an impressive list of credits and accolades having scored films award winning films for Netflix, E4 and the BFI.

Rushil is also the music director and composer of the Orchestral Qawwali Project, a critically acclaimed musical duo (with singer Abi Sampa) that seamlessly reframes the spiritual rapture of sufi music through its rich orchestral scores.

Since its debut in 2020, the Project has amassed millions of views and streams and performed with orchestras around the world where Rushil’s pioneering scores have drawn praise from industry titans and audiences alike.

All of these experiences ultimately mean that it’s hard to place Rushil into a box. The artist’s unparalleled ability to sew subtle strands of his heritage into the melancholic sincerity of his craft has set him apart, and placed him in an entirely new category of composers.”

Mandala Grey